Parents as Coaches Seminar

When a student first begins their journey to black belt it can be a very scary and cumbersome time.  Keeping in mind that new students do not want to get hurt or look stupid in front of their peers, it is important that we, as instructors, acknowledge and emphasize effort over perfect technique.  We emphasize the concept of T.E.A.M! Together Everyone Achieves More! We TEAM up with parents to help their childs growth as both a Martial Artist and as a Person.

Our Parents as Coaches seminars help Teach parents how to promote the Martial Arts Philosophies outside the Dojo. Here is an example of what to excpect in our Parents as coaches seminars.

Do: Always compliment your child after each class (find something they did well). This is also a great time to give out a hug or a kiss (these are free and generous). High 5’s work great too! Kids should immediately associate Karate with a feeling of success and pride.

Don’t: Criticize your child during or immediately after class. Use the P/C/P (praise, correct, praise) principle and do so at a more appropriate time. Be careful not to upset your child. Even small criticisms can be devastating to small children.


Parent As coaches seminars are held every few months and we encourage all parents to attend.