Womens MMA Strength and Conditioning


Women Only Daytime MMA Strength and Conditioning class!




No Experience Needed to start!

Judgement Free!

No expectations, no comparisons, no boundaries. This goes for all the class and all the members. Constantly our staff of Female Leaders will help set absolutely amazing goals and empower each person, adapting the class to suit all skill levels and abilities

1 Hour class; 10 Minute warm up, 40 Minutes of intense Pad work, 10 Minutes workout that is targeted to a specific area that changes with each class.  Followed by a optional 15 Minute Yoga inspired stretch

There is an old saying that you should train with the best to be your best, and when it comes to finding a fitness regimen second to none, look no further than MMA strength and conditioning. A Mixed Martial Artist goes through an intense conditioning regimen in order to compete at the highest level in the cage. MMA fighters are arguably some of the most conditioned athletes in sport, and when you think about what they may need to endure for 15 to 25 minutes at a time in a cage with another highly trained fighter, it’s easy to see why this needs to be so. However, one does not have to be a Mixed Martial Artist to reap the benefits of tried and true battle tested fitness strategies.

While the focus of training is on cardio, flexibility, increased stamina, and muscle endurance to be sure, the MMA Fitness program the Canadian Black Belt Academy is designed to be accessible to people of all fitness and skill levels. Classes are provided within a positive, supportive, and respectful results driven environment.

In life, everyone has their own battles to fight, and be they big or small, all are important to those fighting them.

Are you tired of working out with gym rats obsessed with their reflections?

And you’re serious about achieving far better results than spinning your wheels to techno music can provide, then MMA fitness is for you. If your ultimate goal is to effectively improve your agility, strength, endurance, mental toughness, and most importantly your health, then rise to the challenge and become the warrior your life demands. Come out to an MMA Strength and Conditioning class at the Canadian Black Belt Academy today.