CBBA Bully Proof Program

t is unlikely that we will ever be able to completely rid our society of bullying. No matter how many bylaws and school policies are passed, our children are likely to be faced with some level of bullying during their childhood. At the Canadian Black Belt Academy, our “Bully Proof” program is designed to teach Kids how to stand up for themselves and cope with bullying directly, instead of ignoring and hiding from the problem. No child should be afraid to go to school, and no child should have to hide at recess because of a bully. Our children should not ever have to resign themselves to feeling like “victims”. At the Canadian Black Belt Academy, we empower kids by teaching them the physical skills and mental attitudes to deal with bullies; and not only are these skills effective in dealing with the problem at hand, but they also provide a solid foundation of confidence and mastery that can enhance both social and work related interactions into adulthood.

CBBA’s Martial Arts program helps provide the tools for children and Adults to have the Self-Confidence needed to Deal with Bullies. Check out the Following check list to see if your child is being bullied or may be the bully.


Is Your Child Being Bullied?

  • Is reluctant or refuses to go to school
  • Clams up when you try to discuss school
  • Demands some sort of change in a long-standing routine, like riding the bus to school or going to the park on Saturdays
  • Does not want to participate in after-school activities or play with old friends
  • Seems hungrier than usual after school – it might be a sign that someone is stealing his lunch money or that he is unwilling to brave the cafeteria at lunchtime
  • Shows signs of physical distress such as headaches, stomach-aches, or nausea
  • Goes to the nurse in order to avoid going to class
  • Performance in school (grades, homework, attendance) suddenly declines
  • Acts sullen, angry, and frequently wants to be left alone
  • Uncharacteristically uses bad language
  • Shows marked behavior change after computer time or a phone call
  • Starts asking for more lunch or transportation money without a clear explanation of why it is needed
  • Has unexplained bruises or injuries

Could Your Child Be the Bully?

  • Is exclusive – refuses to include certain kids in play or study
  • Persists in certain inappropriate or unpleasant behavior even after you have told him/her to stop
  • Is very concerned with being and staying popular
  • Seems intolerant of and/or shows contempt for children who are “different” or “weird”
  • Frequently teases or taunts other children
  • Constantly plays extremely aggressive videogames
  • Hurts animals
  • Observes you excluding, gossiping about, or otherwise hurting others: As parents we have a tremendous influence on our children. As human beings, we all occasionally exhibit some bullying behaviors. It’s only natural and it doesn’t mean we’re bad people. But think honestly about your own behavior and then ask — do your kids also show these traits?

Any Organizations wishing to partner with us or have our Award winning Instructors conduct a Bully Proof Seminar please contact us at 905.857.4600