Remembrance Day and Martial Arts – A tribute to our Veterans

In honour of Remembrance Day, I’d like to take a moment to salute our Veterans – those fallen and those still with us today – for their service to our country. May we remember the men and women who unselfishly fought for our freedom in the First and Second World Wars, the Korean War, and all conflicts and peacekeeping missions since.

Today, we pay our respects to members of the Canadian Armed Forces – but also to the Veterans who serve and protect us every day – the RCMP, our local police officers, firefighters, and community peacekeepers.

May we recognize the extraordinary strength, courage, and self-discipline of these individuals, and always train and live by their principles.

Modesty – Courtesy – Integrity – Self-control – Perseverance – Indomitable Spirit

The above represent some of key virtues of Martial Artists. These principles are woven into our academy’s creed. They also align with the virtues of all those who have served and continue to serve Canada, in times of war, conflict, and peace.

As Martial Artists, we resonate with the spirit and self-discipline demonstrated by our special forces. We also train to defend ourselves and those unable to defend themselves – to protect and stand up for what is right and good.

I’d like to remind our students of these parallels, recognizing the connection that Martial Arts have to many of our fallen and still-serving heroes.

In addition to sharing similar ethics and philosophies, Martial Arts are codified systems and traditions of combat practices which have long supported unarmed military combative training. Most armed forces teach some form of unarmed combat, where military personnel learn a combination of striking and self-defence techniques as part of their training. These skills contribute to the physical and psychological strength required to carry out national defense duties. For these reasons, Martials Arts have been known to support the growth and development of military personnel and police personnel.

A few years ago, we had the honour of running a Combatives Course for members of the Canadian Armed Forces (pictured below). It was a privilege to work with these exceptional young men. Over the course of a year, we taught them hand-to-hand combat techniques and various ways in which Martial Arts can support their self-defence and self-discipline.

On behalf of our academy, I extend our deepest gratitude and respect to the outstanding soldiers for their demonstrated discipline and dedication during our program – and for their service to our country.

And so, as we observe Remembrance Day this year, I urge all of our students, instructors, and parents to recognize our Veterans and public servant heroes. Make an effort to take a moment of silence, to pay your tributes, and to participate in community activities (Caledon, GTA) held in support of Veterans and their families.

As we pass on the Martial Arts tradition to each new generation at our academy, may we honour all of our Veterans and continue to train in their indomitable spirit every day.

Lest We Forget.

-Mr. Jason


Professor Jason Figliano
Owner and Head Instructor
Canadian Black Belt Academy