Martial Arts Business Summit


Our vision is to be Different than the normal Martial Arts conventions that can get overwhelming at times, rather we aim in helping the attendees succeed in the rapidly evolving martial arts industry, by IMPROVING on proven systems in changing times.

In our mission, we believe that all Martial Arts businesses need to hold themselves to a higher standards on both their personal and Business Models.

Gain valuable tips and tricks to increase reach, retention and revenue, Learn ways to successfully manage your business, finances, and staff. Network with martial arts professionals in an intimate setting, Grow your school with proven marketing strategies.

Event Location;

Canadian Black Belt Academy

19 McEwan Dr. West, Bolton, Ontario. L7E 1G2

(25 Minutes from Pearson International Airport)

Event Hotel;

Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Bolton (5 Minute walk to Venue)

12700 Hwy 50, Bolton, ON L7E 1L9


Personality driven systems is the name of the game. As a service based industry, we know that no matter how amazing our product is, who delivers it is more important, But what if you have the personality but are lacking the systems as a whole? Maybe you have a few but do they work with each other to Gain, Renew and Retain? This is the trinity of a great academy and this workshop will show you a birds eye view of every system your school should be running.

These systems are proven systems and sustainable over years of practice these are not a get a hundred students quick scheme. Systems are meant to help grow your passion of teaching the community and what this Workshop will give you is a sustainable approach to this that won’t leave you dry and with a name that is not good in your community after a few years of business.

Applicable to school owners of all sizes and models!


How many times have you sat in a seminar or Workshop and the person at the front is telling you about how they gained 50 students a month renew 50 students a month and have zero dropouts and they have only been in the industry for over 5 years?

Then you ask them that amazing question how many students do you have and they say 150 or 200. then your common sense and ability to do grade 1 math kicks in and you realize but all they’re trying to tell you and sell you smoke & mirrors all icing and no cake.

This Workshop will go through in detail every single stat you should keep on both of micro and macro level this way when you really want to look at your school you’re not looking at only the good things and ignoring the bad.





There are tonnes of different models of success out there which one are you? Having the ability to show success into models one with a large school large square footage in High student count or the opposite end of the spectrum smaller School smaller square footage and still have amazing income this Workshop we’ll look at all the different models that are out there and see which model you best suit or if you want to make a shift in the model what you’ll need to do so.

Summer Camps, After School Program, Pa Days, Parents night out, Upgrade programs, And how do you decide what works best for you based on the future you want? 

Drawing from years of experience Indie Lee in the martial arts business world all these models are proven time and time again. We will help you create by design the school you envision. 



We have all heard the terms snowflake, ,entitled, silver spoon. the question is have these terms taking over your school? Are you giving up your true model of what a martial artist is in order to please a parent who views you as a sport and not a life skill? or even worse which is common in the industry you’ve given up these core values and beliefs for the almighty dollar and now does negative connotations associated with your Academy but for good reason?


I truly believe that martial arts is one of the very last life skills that still teaches old school values. This Workshop will go over different ways and systems you can implement a culture that allows for the growth of mindfulness determination and hard work. From mat chats,  to blogs to emails and social media shares, we will help give you a voice that will be your own and help either grow or adjust the course of the culture in your school



Income generators are like the secret sauce to any successful martial arts schools. An Income Generator is a function that helps your gym generate additional income that month. Some of the events on the basic end are a no brainer but how do you take community events and get them to help you generate income? What are the A to Z of events to generate income for your school. In this session we will be going over all the basic to advanced ways of generate additional income for your school and we will also be covering how your school generates more money sometimes without you even being in it! All these answers and more in the income generating section of this weekend.