3 Nighttime Rituals to Build Momentum

I cannot emphasize how important it is to have daily rituals to help you stay focused, motivated, and productive in the New Year…

In this post, I am going to share with you rituals you can do before going to bed to help you sleep well at night, and wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the next day!

Ritual 1: Chapter, article, or blog

Regardless of the content you absorb during the day, make it a nighttime ritual to read at least 1 chapter of a book, article in a magazine, or blog. This will stimulate your mind before bed, which I find beneficial because I tend to solve problems in my dreams.

Ritual 2: 3 wins

After stimulating your brain, write down 3 wins from the day. They don’t always have to be 3 big wins, so dig deep into your day to identify even the smallest accomplishments. Sometimes the small wins are more rewarding, so this is an important mindset to have.

Ritual 3: Gratitude journal

Finish your day writing down what you grateful for. This strategy is crucial before bed so that you are focused on positive thoughts. The more positive you are before bed, the more positive your dreams are, and hence, the more positive you will be the next day!

I hope these rituals become a part of your nighttime habit, and you experience more MOMENTUM in your day!


Thanks to Melody Johnson for writing this so well.




Mr Jason